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At our international PR agency, we’re passionate about food, drink, dietary supplements and ingredients. Nutrition and health are as important to us as pleasure and indulgence. And technology, processing and packaging are second nature to us, too.


360° Communications

International business-to-business PR is our focus. We specialize in boosting the profiles of our clients and in making sure that their stories are told in the leading trade publications worldwide as well as on relevant online platforms. We take care of social media communications and provide support at trade shows. We know that every company is different, so we believe in developing bespoke and sustainable strategies, tailored specifically to client needs. We will make sure that your message is clear, consistent and high quality, both online and on the printed page. It’s hugely important to us that your profile is authentic and credible.


Product PR isn’t everything. With our strategic Corporate Profiling, we take a more holistic approach: We don’t just talk about innovations, but cover complementary and expert services too. We’ll promote you as an opinion leader and an expert in your field and make sure that your company is known for being a great place to work. Your sustainability programmes and values, your vision and success will be big talking points. And we’ll highlight your personnel and their achievements: after all, business is always about people.

Corporate Profiling


akp public relations is a highly specialized PR agency for food-related topics and technology. They know how to write like editors themselves, and follow up on articles until they are published. We love working with them, because they are accurate, consistent and professional … and nice people.

Benno Keller, „Wellness Foods & Supplements Europe“, „Food Marketing & Technology“ 



As an editor, I’m often asked the question: “What do you look for in PR?” My answer is usually quite brief. Relevance. If the news or the article isn’t relevant to my readers then, no matter how well crafted it is, it’s not good PR. With akp public relations, I don’t have that issue. Professional, courteous and also great fun – the team is always approachable, well informed and both reactive and proactive. I know I can rely on them to present excellent, well researched and comprehensible copy, on time, that’s targeted towards my circulation.

Dr. Kevin Robinson, Nutraceutical Business Review


akp Worldwide

Fluent in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, our team has worked in a number of different countries for many years. In specific regions, we liaise with experienced external colleagues who are familiar with our clients, their products and applications, and who have excellent local press contacts. Depending on your requirements, we will act as your lead agency or seamlessly integrate ourselves into your existing PR networks.


Reaching the right audience, using the right words and getting the message right is challenging. But for us, quality content is a point of honour. Always keeping the reader in mind, we’ll phrase your message in a clear and consistent style, making complex topics comprehensible, engaging and easy to read.

Translating is one thing – delivering good copy is another! If we need content in another language, we don’t work with budget-level agencies that charge by the word and offer instant, literal translations. We take a “transcreation” approach: our partners understand what our clients do and how they communicate. They are experienced PR professionals with considerable writing skills who will adapt your text to specific markets and audiences, as required.

Text, Translation and Transcreation



As we deal with many food ingredient companies, we also have to deal with many PR agencies. We would rate akp public relations very highly amongst them, as they have always been very professional and helpful in their dealings with us.
Their technical knowledge of the happenings at the various companies they represent allows them to give us informed answers to our questions. We enjoy working with them.

Robin Wyers, “The World of Food Ingredients”


Our Services

We’re not a full service agency in the classic sense. We don’t employ graphic designers, web programmers or film and audio people, and we don’t own a photographic studio. But we do have an excellent network of associates, and this allows us to work with the best partners for your projects. So, if you need photos, we’ll arrange a portrait expert to snap your staff, an industry photographer to capture your fascinating technology and a still life specialist to frame your products.

We’re not just here to ensure that projects run smoothly – we’re here to maintain a consistent and unique voice for your company. We’ll make sure that your video fits your culture, that your brochure text, layout and pictures are complementary and, above all, that we accurately reflect your vision.


The akp team regularly supplies us with a variety of excellently prepared press releases and case studies in English. Both the copy and the outstanding images we receive immediately and reliably upon demand make the cooperation with akp a real bonus for our editorial staff.

Gabriele D. Ingwersen, ASIA & Middle East FOOD TRADE Journal


We don’t really have a philosophy as such. We prefer the real thing. We develop concepts, we plan, we work, we deliver excellent results and we delight in your success. As your consultant, we will always give you our honest opinion, rather than what we think you want to hear. Quite simply – we’re here for you. We do operate with plenty of wit, creativity and energy. And we have zest and dedication. Actually, perhaps that is a philosophy.

Our Philosophy



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I am very positive about akp public relations. We have a very good collaboration, Anne-Katrin is truly a professional, and the team always has kept what it has promised. Their texts have a very good quality, and they have always respected and kept the deadlines. akp public relations is a reliable and professional PR agency, that´s what really counts for me – and all editors in general I think.

Klaus Hansen, „Plus Proces“


More information and contact:

We’ve been in business since 2002, and our press releases, feature articles, interviews and case studies aren’t just published in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They also appear in English-language magazines with pan-European circulations. We regularly gain coverage in the Benelux countries, France, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, in Eastern European Countries, and also in the US, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, India and throughout Asia.

Our target magazines cover ingredients, food technology, processing and a variety of applications, including beverages, bakery, confectionery, dairy, meat, fish, frozen food, snacks and convenience products. We work with publications that focus on nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food services, catering and retail, as well as global packaging and printing magazines. In Germany, we also provide content for consumer media and magazines for nutritionists, doctors, alternative practitioners and pharmacists.

Our portfolio of subjects is already broad, but we’ll happily extend it! We write and talk about the production of food and drink, about processes, machinery and ingredients, about technological and sensorial properties, about different applications, regulatory issues, sustainability, product development, trends and markets. We have extensive experience in areas such as flavours, colours, sweeteners, functional carbohydrates, dietary fibre, speciality flours, omega-3 fatty acids, gelatine, collagen peptides, micronutrients, coenzyme Q10, ubiquinol, plant extracts and pharmaceutical excipients, and their manufacturing processes. We also have an extensive knowledge of paper, aluminium and PET packaging, as well as the corresponding printing technologies.


If you’re a talented copywriter and/or experienced PR professional, please email us. For students, we offer internships and for graduates and career-changers, we run remunerated 18-month traineeships.

Jobs, Traineeships and Internships